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Twitter For Authors

How To Use Twitter To Find Readers And Increase Your Book Sales (Plus How Twitter Can Help You Get A Publisher)
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Twitter For Authors Mini-Course:

How To Use Twitter To Find Readers And Increase Your Book Sales

(Plus How Twitter Can Help You Get A Publisher)

Bestselling author of
‘The Merlin Mystery’
350,000 copies sold

17 June 2013

  From:  Jonathan Gunson


Dear Fellow Author,

I understand how frustrating it can be when starting out as an author.   Before I had a bestseller hit with ‘The Merlin Mystery’, I wasn’t worrying about whether I could sell 350,000 copies of my book, I was concerned about how to sell even one copy.

The huge challenge we face as authors is making our books visible, so that book buyers will find them.  I have written my Twitter mini-course to help you achieve this visibility, so you can sell more books – whether you’re traditionally published, or self-published on the Kindle. And don’t worry if your book hasn’t been published yet –  I’m going to show you how to make that happen too.  Whether you want to go down the traditional print path or the
e-publishing path, I have you covered.

It’s The Viral Nature Of Twitter That Makes It
So Effective In Spreading The Word
About Your Book

Twitter marketing isn’t actually about massive numbers.  The magic doesn’t happen by you trying to reach readers individually either.  No, the real strength of Twitter lies in something else far more simple … VIRALITY.

The traditional way most blockbuster books get started is from an opening burst of
paid-for publicity by the publisher, creating an initial readership.  If those readers like it, word of mouth recommendation takes over and book sales soar.

This is exactly what happens with Twitter, except far more powerfully: 

Combine that viral effect with Twitter’s vast user base – over 100 million active users – and you can see the potential for generating free publicity.  

By igniting word-of-mouth recommendation on Twitter, you can also achieve this effectwithout having to be a pushy ‘marketer’ or sell anything.  Instead, the ripples will spread far and wide from your readers.

I’ll show you how to build up a large number of loyal Twitter followers in your book genre who will help to promote your work.

Think of Twitter As A Cocktail Party Full Of
People Who Can Help You With Publishing
And Book Marketing

This ‘cocktail party’ is attended by authors, book bloggers, reviewers, agents, publishers, publicists and readers – all noisily gossiping in real time, exchanging views, making connections and helping each other in their careers and businesses.

These are the very people you need to connect with. At any given moment, many of them are chatting on Twitter and you can join any of the conversations.

This provides an astonishing, unprecedented level of access to influential peoplethat you’d never normally have a chance of communicating with.  The very person you wish to rub shoulders with is probably there right now tweeting live.  It may be an agent, or a publisher, a popular book blogger, a publicist, or even a famous author.

If you participate in the way I teach in Twitter For Authors, you’ll make these connections. (I’ll show you exactly what you need to do.)

But What If My Book Hasn’t Been Published
Yet – Can Twitter Help Me Get A Publisher?

Many authors are now choosing to self-publish their own books on the Kindle.  But others don’t feel comfortable taking this ‘DIY’ path, and are looking to get a publisher.

Let me be clear: Twitter is equally powerful for helping those writers looking to get a traditional publishing deal.

You see, when you have an active Twitter following – even a modest following – this demonstrates to agents and publishers that you are capable of helping promote your book once it is published.  

When faced with two books of equal quality, a publisher willALWAYS pick the author who has demonstrated they can help with promotion and help sell books.

Few authors are doing this effectively, so having a Twitter following of prospective readers will help you to “jump the queue” so that your book is the one that gets published.

Introducing Twitter For Authors

Easy To Follow 7-Part Mini-Course

With my following of over 90,000 on Twitter, reaching people and making myself visible has never been easier.   But the great thing is, you don’t need a massive following… you just need a moderate Twitter following, used in the RIGHT WAY.

In my easy to follow mini-course, I’m going to teach you exactly how to use Twitter to achieve your publishing goals as an author – no matter what stage of the process you’re at.

The course is divided into 7 easy-to-follow Modules, plus a Quick Start Guide. 

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside Each Module:

Quick Start Guide

How to set up a Twitter account the right way to take full advantage of its viral effect and begin attracting the right kind of followers immediately.

Plus some great free tools that will make your Twitter experience much easier.

Module 1 — Building Book Visibility

Everything you need to know about using Twitter to build visibility for your author brand and for your books.

This is the real key to all author goals – getting found, getting published and selling more books.

Module 2 — Building A Large Twitter Following

How to quickly build a massive fan following of the right people on Twitter – people who will buy your books, promote you, and help build your author career.

Includes a little-known secret for overcoming Twitter’s ‘follower restrictions’, plus who to avoid on Twitter and why they could damage your credibility.

Module 3 — Converting Your Twitter Following Into Book Sales

How to convert your Twitter following from just a number on a page into actual book sales – by creating book fan engagement.

When, what, and how to Tweet – to gain more new followers, virally publicize your books, strengthen your author brand and ensure you have maximum exposure to the right people.

Module 4 — Getting Promoted by Book Bloggers

How to use Twitter to interact with high-profile book bloggers so they become dedicated promoters of your books.

Includes a technique you can use to catch the attention of the mass media and movie makers.

Module 5 — Attracting A Literary Agent

Understanding what literary agents REALLY want, and how to give it to them.  

How to use even a small following on Twitter to interact with literary agents the right way and persuade them to represent you.

Module 6 — How To Get A Book E-Published

If choosing the e-publishing path, how to get your book up and selling on the Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Sony, Kobo and Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ marketplaces. 

Plus some essential promotional tips on how to get your e-book sales rolling.

Module 7 — Action Plan & Free Resources

A 10 part, step-by-step action plan that ties all the modules together – giving you a clear, easy-to-follow path to success.

Plus 7 other powerful, free, easy-to-use resources that will expand your author popularity platform far beyond Twitter – to create mass popularity for your books for the long term.

>> Click Here To Get Instant Access To ‘Twitter For Authors’ For Just $47 <<

You don’t need advanced computer or internet skills, budgets, or need to ‘sell’ anything.  Nor do you have to spend endless hours on Twitter every day.

All you need is the best book you can write, a computer with an internet connection, and a enthusiastic, positive attitude.  

What People Are Saying About
Twitter For Authors…

“Thanks to Jonathan’s ‘Twitter for Authors’ course, I’m building a successful platform, and finding fans from all over the world.  It was invaluable in demystifying Twitter.

I hadn’t a clue when I started.  But I now have over 7000 Twitter followers. SO glad I took advantage of this course!”

Tony Slater – Author

“I came late to the social media party and felt totally overwhelmed by it all until I happened upon Jonathan Gunson’s ‘Twitter for Authors’.

The course lays out a step-by-step plan an author can use to become visible in the ‘Find-The-Waldo’ landscape of today’s publishing world.  It changed my life!”

Ninie Hammon – Author

“As a newly published Kindle author, I was floundering. ‘Twitter for Authors’ resolved those issues for me.

Down went the stress, and up went the sales of my book‘The Magdalene Conspiracy.’  Thanks Jonathan, I owe you.”

Yvonne Ellen – Author


“Jonathan.  You’re a godsend.  And I’m not just saying that to massage your ego.  Seriously, I was in such a fog about marketing and you hit the nail on the head with your advice and your Twitter for Authors’ course.”

Joan Mauch – Author


“As I am a recent non-fiction author and emerging novelist, Jonathan’s ‘Twitter for Authors’ e-course is my ‘bible’ in learning how to build a powerful yet authentic presence on Twitter.

Having a substantial platform prior to publication is an author’s dream and this easy to follow daily plan is exceptional!”

Karen Dodd – Author

“Jonathan, your excellent work has given me a long-needed boost in my writing career.

What I’ve learnt from you in the ‘Twitter for Authors’ course I’ve already applied and saw immediate results, in the number of visits to my site, and the Amazon rating of my first book ‘The Trout Diaries’, both in the US and UK”

Derek Grzelewski – Author

“Jonathan Gunson’s ‘Twitter for Authors’ is an easy, efficient and well thought out tutorial that will benefit all writers wishing to expand their markets and contacts…

He is also very generous and forthcoming with inspirational and informative links and articles…for free!  Well worth the modest price.  Order it now!”

Melinda Field, author of ‘True’.


“The material in your Twitter course is far beyond what I expected in both content and delivery – very to the point, but never overwhelming, delivering exactly what I’m looking for as indie author who needs to be visible.

I also have some excellent early results – my follower count has already doubled. Thanks again!”

Vada K Belle. Author

FREE Bonus eBook Included

When you order Twitter For Authors, you’ll also receive this extra eBook at no cost:

’10 Simple Strategies For Bestseller Success’

In this eBook I’ve put together 10 additional bestseller strategies.

These simple but effective techniques are designed to further enhance the attention-getting power you gain with Twitter For Authors – to give you an even greater edge,and set you on the path to success. 

For example, I show you the little-known method behind the success of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

Get Your Copy Of Twitter For Authors For Just $47, And Start Growing Your Readership Today:

There are millions of book readers in your genre, and Twitter now makes it possible to reach more of them than was ever possible before. 

If you follow what I teach in the course, you’ll be well on the road to connecting with them, substantially increasing your book readership, and finding the whole process enjoyable too.

Click the ‘Download Now’ button to get instant access
to Twitter For Authors for just $47:

Price: $47

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