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Facebook Power - Epic Conversions

Facebook Power Is A Fantastic Social Media Product That Was Just Updated For 2015
Price: $99

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Facebook Power – Epic Conversions! – Unleash The Power Of Facebook

Discover How FREE Online Tools Can help you easily create powerful and profitable Facebook Pages



From the desk of Garin Kilpatrick

Toronto, Ontario

August, 2015

This is Garin Kilpatrick and I am SO excited to share with you the single most exciting new development in Facebook marketing the world has ever seen.

It’s very important for you to read every word of this page because it’s full of powerful life changing information that can quickly end the pain of struggling to make your online business profitable forever!

FINALLY! A simple solution for frustrated business owners, entrepreneurs, and online marketers EAGER to build their brands with Facebook…

…and leverage the worlds most popular social network to MAXIMIZE your social media profits without headaches or hassles.

Now millions of business owners are scrambling to get their pages up to date and the opportunity to make money with Facebook has never been greater.


This training program is of URGENT importance to any business owner, entrepreneur, online marketer, and brand builder who wants to cash in on the Social Media Explosion that is currently happening in the online market…

The information in this program comes straight from me, Garin Kilpatrick, and I have made it my business to build brands for businesses on Social Media for over six years…

The expert training that you will receive in this program will turbo-boost the social media results you are able to achieve without wasting any time on Facebook…

fbPower shows you exactly how you can set up a social media system so that you can create a community of raving fans ready and able to spread the word about your brand far and wide…

You do realize that Social Media, and Facebook in particular, represents the fastest-growing opportunity to explode your business and profits since the printing press, right…

The Power of Facebook can grow any business to new heights, and this applies to brick and mortar businesses, and all businesses seeking to explode their online presence…

Facebook Now Has Well Over ONE Billion Users

Here are some staggering Facebook and Social Media facts that might surprise you:


#1. Facebook has over taken porn as the #1 activity on the Internet.

#2. It took TV 13 years to reach 13 million users. Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months!

#3. According to some Facebook employees, Facebook has already surpassed 800 million users! The opportunity this presents is phenomenal, simply make one penny from every eight Facebook users and you will be a MILLIONAIRE!

#4. A whopping 74% of ALL consumers now rely on social networks to guide purchasing decisions. That’s right Facebook users are BUYERS!

#5. Your potential customers spend an average of 55 minutes a day on Facebook—and YOU can easily attract them.

Social Media is of vital importance for businesses who want to be in the top of mind of their prospects. Google even integrates social media

information into their search results for millions of relevant searches.

The people who have the most Powerful Facebook and social media strategies will be in the best position to PROFIT.

How much more will you earn tapping into this market when it’s a proven fact that…

Consumers Spend More Money When Coming from a Facebook Fan Page

A recent study by Syncapse revealed…

  • Syncapse-logoFacebook Fans spend an extra $71.94 on your products and services.
  • Facebook Fans are 28% more likely to stick to a specific brand or product.
  • Facebook Fans are 41% more likely to recommend a product (or person!) they are fans of to THEIR friends.
  • The Average Value of a Facebook Fan is a whopping $136.38 Annually.
People BUY from People and Businesses they Know, Like and Trust

Having a powerful Facebook presence is the best way to become a trust agent that people will gladly choose to do business with over the competition.

…I have worked with several businesses to build their brands and I know exactly what it takes to attract thousands of new fans to a Facebook page…

…I am not the average “Facebook Expert” I know Facebook inside and out and a blog I founded has achieved several #1 rankings in Google in the past including “Get More Facebook Likes”…

…and now I want to share the Powerful Facebook Marketing methods I have learned with you inside of fbPower.

I have taken the best information that I have learned during the past several years of studying Facebook Marketing and I have developed the best Facebook information product on the market.

If you buy a copy of fbPower it will skyrocket your brand on Facebook, guaranteed.

Discover How To Easily Unleash The Profitable Power Of Facebook Pages

fbPower can seriously take your Facebook presence to the next level and you don’t have to just take my word for it…

Here is what others have said about fbPower as well…

“Garin’s fbPower system is truly amazing! I am a Social Media for Business Specialist and use Facebook every day to communicate with clients.  After many years in the industry I am still learning plenty of new information from this program.  Garin is a true thought leader in this field and I recommend his program without hesitation.”
Keith Keller, Global Social Media Coaching.

Marina, founder of Klima Design, is yet another happy fbPower customer:

“Garin is honestly helping people with his recommendations and resources in fbPower. I rely on him as an authority and appreciate the hard work he has put into this awesome product. Any questions, please call 732-977-7686.”
Marina Klima, Klima Design Group, LLC.

Maja V. is a Marketing Manager who is very happy with her purchase of fbPower and had this to say:

“fbPower is so easy to follow AND THE BEST PART? I don’t need to know HTML! Something that would have cost me a fair bit to get a web design agency to do (not to mention an ongoing maintenance cost) you helped me do in minutes!I purchased your fbPower product to follow simple instructions on creating a successful Facebook page. The program is very useful and the benefits didnt stop there. You took the time to reply to my emails and went out of your way to search for a solution for me as I am not IT minded. It is greatly appreciated!”

Maja V, Social Media Marketing Manager.

David Alexander, CEO of Arbitrage Magazine enrolled in fbPower when he wanted to launch his Facebook Page. This is what he had to say about the powerful strategies he discovered:

“Thanks to the advice that Garin gave me in the fbPower training program I have been able to get thousands of visitors to my website, launch hugely successful contests, and translate these Facebook strategies into real cash for my business.I strongly recommend fbPower to anyone who is serious about applying a Facebook program that really works!”

David Alexander, CEO of Arbitrage Magazine.
Over One Billion Active Users…

fbPower contains the knowledge you need to create a profitable business on the web’s most powerful and active social network…

Here are a few more staggering Facebook facts…

Over a trillion minutes per month are spent on Facebook! By funneling even a small slice of this time into your Facebook page you will create a powerful can potentially bring you a fantastic amount of profit and growth…

Having a page on Facebook is essential if you want to skyrocket your success online…

The fact is that people with a strong Facebook presence make way more money from customers who are fans.

Having Facebook As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy Is No Longer An Option… It’s Now a Necessity if you want to Succeed.

fbPower is the solution that can give you the powerful knowledge that it takes to explode your Facebook fan page and create a thriving community of customers around your brand!

fbPower will only be available for a very limited time, and those students who enroll in this Training program will get access to Garin’s email directly, and you can contact him with any questions you might have about the program, or about building your brand on Facebook.

Here’s What I Have Got:

fbPower is a five module training program that contains five in depth videos and five .PDF reports covering the following topics:

Module #1 – Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

This module contains two eBooks including the brand NEW Ultimate Timeline Guide which reveals awesome Timeline marketing secrets:

  • How to Easily Get Started with a NEW Facebook Page
  • How to Create a Killer Custom Facebook Timeline App
  • How to Customize the Tab Image for Your New App
  • The Best and Most Reliable FREE Apps To Use Custom Facebook Development
  • How to Easily Setup a Profitable PayPal Integrated Facebook eCommerce App
  • Several Examples of Awesome Facebook Pages
Module #2 – Facebook Advertising Training

Module #2 of fbPower reveals:

  • Where to find Facebook Advertising support resources
  • How to clicks from Facebook ads for as little as $0.02 per click!
  • How to split test ads and get an excellent click through rate
  • The vital elements of a killer Facebook ad
  • How to write awesome ad copy that converts
  • What types of images attract the most attention and get the most clicks
  • How to hyper target ads at specific segments for maximum effectiveness
Module #3 – Building Your Facebook Fan Base

In this module you will discover:

  • Where to find Apps that will drive fan page growth
  • How to promote your Facebook page and get thousands of fans for free!
  • How to use Facebook Social Plugins to drive traffic and fan page growth
  • How to get hundreds of people to “Like” your page for only a few dollars
  • How to get your existing fans to invite new fans to join your page
  • How to use other social media channels to build your Facebook presence
Module #4 – Optimizing Your Facebook Page for Google

This powerful module reveals:

  • How to grab tons of FREE traffic from Google
  • How to piggy back on Facebook’s huge PageRank of 10 to rank your page in Google
  • How to optimize your Facebook page for both Google and Facebook search
  • How to use Google’s free keyword tool to choose the best keywords for your Facebook Page
  • What elements of your Facebook Page must contain your keywords for you to rank in Google
  • How to track your progress for free as you climb the ranks in Google
  • How to build backlinks to your Facebook page that will help it rank
Module #5 – How to go Viral on Facebook
Within this awesome module you will discover:how-to-go-viral-on-facebook-3d

  • Why Facebook is the most viral website ever created
  • How Facebook Social Plugins can help your content spread like wildfire
  • How to create viral content that will bring you floods of new traffic, leads, and customers
  • How to leverage existing viral content to get tons of new fans for your Facebook Page
  • How to integrate viral Facebook features into your website or blog
  • How to create a viral Facebook group and use it to funnel new fans into your Fan Page
  • Case studies of the most successful viral Facebook Pages and Groups
Multi-Platform FBPower Mobile App

Within this premium custom mobile app you get:

  • Access to all course content
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android Compatibility
  • Access to Bonus Materials
  • FBPower Home Screen Icon
  • Convenient Access to eBooks and Videos
  • And more!
I’m Also Throwing in an EPIC Bonus Package!

These bonuses will give you plenty of social media and SEO knowledge and support to rapidly build powerful Facebook brands!

Bonus #1 – Facebook Business Blueprint ($99 Value)

The Blueprint for a Successful Facebook Consulting Business:


  • The Exact Email I send to convert leads into customers
  • My pricing plan for making the most money with custom Facebook pages
  • How to get your clients to pay you fast
  • Why it is vital not to undersell your Facebook marketing services
  • Hot to make your customers very happy so that they want to hire you again!
Bonus #2 – Timeline Ready Facebook Page Templates ($199 Value)

In this bonus you will get:

  • Timeline Compatible (810px Wide) Custom App Templates
  • .PSD Creative Files that Can Be Easily Customized
  • Professionally Designed Graphics
  • Over 10 Cool Templates to Choose From!
Bonus #3 – Social SEO Synergy ($97 Value)

This bonus will teach you how to increase your influence, supercharge your SEO, and more!social-seo-synergy-ebooks

  • Social Media Influence: How to gain more influence on Social Media
  • Social SEO Synergy (How I used Social Media & SEO to rank #1 in Google for “Facebook Tips” and “Get More Facebook Likes”)
  • StumbleUpon Traffic Tactics: How To Get Tons of Free Traffic From StumbleUpon
  • My Best Secrets For Getting a Page Ranked #1 in Google Revealed
Bonus #4 – Twitter Tools Book – Gold Edition ($197 Value)

  • Twitter Tools Book (140 Pages)
  • Twitter Profits: How I Have Made THOUSANDS of Dollars With Twitter
  • The Follower Formula: How I have Gotten Over 100,000 Followers For the Twitter Accounts I Have Managed
  • How To Effectively Use Twitter For Business
Bonus #5 – World Class Support & Fan Page Image Hosting ($597 Value)
  • Fast and Powerful Answers to All Facebook Questions
  • Help Getting Your Custom Facebook Page Set Up
  • Free Hosting for Your Custom Facebook App Content
  • Help Gettting Your Custom Facebook App Up and Running
  • Direct Access to Garin Kilpatrick for Facebook Help
Here’s What fbPower Will Do For You!
  • fbpower-3d-dvdEmpower you to make serious money by helping businesses set up a powerful Facebook page the RIGHT way
  • Make THOUSANDS of Dollars by Helping People With Powerful Facebook Marketing Solutions
  • Help you Become a Professional Timeline Style Facebook Page Expert
  • Avoid Making Embarrassing & Painful Facebook Marketing Mistakes
  • Run a Profitable and Powerful Facebook Business “Like a Boss”
Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the fbPower training program within the first 60 days you can receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Our 60 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee

fbPower comes with our iron-clad, 60 day, no risk, double your money back guarantee.  We are so confident that our strategies will work for you we are willing to give you double your money back if you implement our strategies and do not double your results.

Or if you want to return fbPower for any other reason or no reason at all within 60 days you may return it, without question, for a full refund of the price paid.


First, download the program, open up any module (watch/read) for just 10 minutes, if you cannot see the Facebook Fortunes forming before you then the product doesn’t deserve any more of your time and you will get a full refund.

Even after putting it through the gauntlet, you can put it all into place for a full 60 days, and still you’re protected with a no questions asked, friends to the end refund guarantee.

  • The Ultimate Timeline Guide ($49 Value )
  • Facebook Page Optimization & Customization ($299 Value)
  • Facebook Advertising Training ($49 Value)
  • Building Your Facebook Fan Base ($99 Value)
  • Facebook Page SEO ($49 Value)
  • How to go Viral on Facebook ($49 Value)
  • Facebook Business Blueprint ($99 Value)
  • Timeline Ready Facebook Page Templates ($199 Value)
  • Social SEO Synergy ($97 Value)
  • Twitter Tools Book – Gold Edition ($197 Value)
  • World Class Support and Hosting ($597 Value)
Total Value: $1693+


Here’s what to do now: Don’t delay, empower your business with Facebook today!

Your Friend in Massive Facebook Success,

Garin Kilpatrick

P.S. If you’re serious about building a sustainable business with the power of Facebook, I urge you to get started with this training program right now.

Remember, NOW is the perfect time to implement these strategies—and you’ll ONLY get the special price above during this limited time promotion. You can’t afford to miss out on this.

Price: $99

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