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Facebook Advertising Guide

Visual Step-by-step Guide: How To Create Successful Advertising Campaigns On Facebook Plus How To Build Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Custom Landing Pages, Social Plugins
Price: $37

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Do You Want To Learn An Online Advertising System That Is More Targeted And Less Expensive Than Google AdWords?

Facebook Advertising Guide, 3rd Ed.

will show you all you need to know how to create successful marketing and advertising campaigns right on Facebook.

You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes that can be crucial to your online marketing success. You will also learn how to create great Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.

After Reading The Facebook Advertising Guide You Will Know
How To:
Create and Run Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns Create Great Facebook Pages or Groups For Your Business
Design Your Facebook Ads Create Effective Landing Pages
Advertise Your Facebook Pages Advertise Using Facebook News Feed
Create and Advertise Your Events On Facebook Create Your Facebook Place
Understand how Sponsored Stories work How to create Facebook Offers
Work with Facebook Badges Use Facebook Social Plugins
Create the Facebook Like Button for Your Website or Blog Avoid Common (and Costly) Online Advertising Mistakes

Facebook Advertising Guide will show you how to bring your message to over 900 Million targeted Facebook users quick and easy.

You will get Visual Step-By-Step Guides on how to advertise on Facebook plus how to create Facebook Business Pages,

Facebook Groups, Facebook News Feeds, Custom Landing Pages and much more.

Special Offer:

Special Offer!

Get your Facebook Advertising Guide now for only $37.00.

FREE Bonuses with every purchase!

  • Bonus#1 – Creating Facebook Like -button, Twitter Tweet and LinkedIn Share Social
    Buttons For Your Website or Blog
  • Bonus#2 – How To Make Money On Facebook
    – Even if you don’t have a website or product
  • Bonus#3 – Facebook Profile Picture Template
  • Bonus#4 – Facebook Ad Image Template

Total Bonus Value $79.80!

Easy To Understand Advertising Tips How To
Promote Your Business To Your Target Market
With Extreme Accuracy

Throughout the Facebook Advertising Guide you will find visual Step-by-Step Guides
how to do various marketing and advertising operations on Facebook. There are also plenty
of real life examples of Facebook advertising projects from real companies.

Learn How To Create Great
Facebook Pages For Your Business

Facebook Advertising Guide will show you how you can design and build a professional Facebook Page
or Group for your business. You will also learn how to get lots of Fans (or Likes) and how to advertise your
Facebook Pages effectively.

Learn How To Create The Popular Facebook
Like Button For Your Website Or Blog

(Yes, that is the real Facebook Like -button. Click it and see how it works.)

Facebook Advertising Guide will show you how you can create your own Like -buttons and how to use them in your marketing.
You will also learn how to use other Facebook Social Plug Ins such as Facebook Badges, Like Boxes, Comments Boxes,
Activity Feeds and much more.

Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Is
Better Than Google Adwords:


Facebook Ads Have Better Targeting

Facebook Ads are much better for highly targeted keywords and demographics

Unlike in Google Adwords where you can use just about any keyword (which can really get you into trouble) Facebook advertising system allows you to use only the words which are in their database. This ensures that there is real potential behind the keywords that you are choosing. Facebook keywords are based on interests, activities, favorite books, TV-shows, movies, job titles etc. that Facebook users have listed in their profiles. This ensures that your ads will always have a highly interested audience for the keywords your are using.

For example, if you own a Pilates Studio in New York and want to advertise your lessons to 22-39 old women who like pilates and live in New York, or within a 10 mile radius you can do that using Facebook advertising. Try doing that on Adwords!

Google Adwords doesn’t know that much about their user’s preferences and therefore they can’t target them accurately. Facebook, on the other hand knows everything about their users.

As a result of the better targeting options Facebook advertising has higher click through rates and conversions than Google Adwords.


Facebook Advertising Account Is Easier To Set-Up And Manage

Have you ever tried to set-up a Google Adwords account? If you have, then you’d know how difficult and awful the process is. The Adwords ad management requires a huge effort in order to use it properly. Facebook advertising system is faster to set up and it is much more user friendly.


You Can Use Images On Facebook Ads

A good picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of the most powerful features on Facebook Ads. The ability to use images in your ads on Facebook is a huge advantage over Google Adwords.


Cost Per Click Is Much Cheaper

Over the last few years Google Adwords has become very expensive. Even the medium popularity keywords are sometimes terribly expensive. For instance “email marketing” on Adwords costs $2.63 per click whereas on Facebook the average bid is only $0.78. That’s almost 70% less! Generally you can get very good results using Facebook Ads at about a quarter of the cost on Google Adwords.

Facebook Ads are much more cost effective. This is great especially for small businesses trying to do online marketing without a big budget.


More Freedom Setting Up Your Ads

Setting up an ad campaign on Facebook is lot less frustrating than Google Adwords. As mentioned earlier you benefit from using pictures in your ads, but you also have more space for your ad descriptions. Adwords allows you to use only 75 characters, whereas you can use a whopping 135 on Facebook! Facebook Ads also allow you to use more restricted words than Adwords in terms of possible copyright issues. You can even use the exclamation mark in your Facebook ads!

Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.

Price: $37

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